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Our Process from Beginning to End

Our Showroom

From the minute you walk into our large showroom with several displays of natural stone to the minute you walk into our warehouse housing at least fifty slabs of various material, you will see that we offer an extremely unique experience for our clients.  We house well over one hundred samples of natural stone and seven quartz name-brand products that we fabricate on site and our selection is constantly changing.  Many of those products are located directly in the store as full slabs. 

Full Slabs and Remnant Options

Our clients can always personally view the actual slab to be used for installation either from our selection on site, or once the slab is brought in on order, which can take a week to ten days.  Our process allows the client to see exactly what their product is going to be constructed from.  In addition to full slabs we also have many remnants to select from at discount for smaller projects such as kitchen, bathroom and fire place surrounds. 

Creating the Exact Template

When a client comes into the store and selects a product, our staff will begin by making a full physical template of what’s going to be installed and once that has been done then the client can come back, revisit the slab they’ve selected and lay out their project on their own individual, specific slab.  This process allows the client to choose what will come from where on the slab and if there’s any areas they’d like to avoid or highlight on that slab.

All of our fabrication is done in house

We do not utilize subcontractors.  All of the equipment, machinery and personnel are located on site.  We take pride in our work — to us your job is not just machine cutting, we offer hand-crafted work like smoothing and wet sanding and polishing — skills that are labor intensive and which require time and skill.  Our production places emphasis on the thought and energy used to generate the layout of a project and how everything flows together. 

From Beginning to End

Our staff will be by your side throughout the entire process starting from the design to fabrication and then install of the finished product, up to and including the last details.

There is a lot of competition within our market but we are one of the few companies that’s actually showroom to warehouse — acquiring slabs, creating a template, fabricating the actual product and installing the finished product. 

What’s the difference between natural stone and Quartz?

We get this question all the time:

What’s the difference between natural stone and quartz countertops?

One of the most noticeable differences is the depth, the variation, and the color- Quartz can be a great fit if you want a very consistent pattern.

Is it just that it’s cheaper for them to make? — a price comparison– Quartz prices vary, we offer a wide variety of Quartz products. We price all projects once we have the layout, with that we can accurately account for the material and labor involved and in doing so we can be as commutative as possible.

The realistic pros and cons —

Granite along with other natural stones such as Marble & Quartzite will have to be resealed, whereas Quartz does not. We encourage our customers to identify the overall look and feel they want to achieve, and to not focus on having to reseal or not. If they do select a natural stone the sealing processes very simple. The product is “wipe on, wipe off,” which makes it extremely user friendly.

A simple Granite cleaner is sufficient and since it’s such a dense stone the likelihood that anything will penetrate it is small once sealed properly.  However, a telltale sign that the Granite needs to be resealed is when water stops beading up on the surface.

Marble —  It’s a much softer and more porous natural stone compared to granite. It is important to reseal it more often.

What about Soap Stone?

While soap stone is a beautiful natural stone that is extremely dense and not porous, however it is easy to scratch the surface. We recommend wax to darken the stone and it will also make the scratches and dings less noticeable. Soapstone will not look the same forever but that’s usually what the customer is looking for – an aged look.  Soapstone can be found in varying shades of grey, black, and green, and all of these will become much darker once waxed.